Gutter and Fascia Products

Designed to perform in the demanding Australian climate, our durable guttering solutions are strong and reliable. Choose from the full Colorbond colour range to compliment any architectural style from modern homes to heritage buildings.

Fascia is used as a base to attach the gutters to, or as a cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves and wall. More than just functional, fascia is designed to form a neat, attractive edge between the roofing and wall surface. Unlike timber, metal fascia will provide a consistent, quality product that does not warp, knot or crack and will keep looking good for many years to come.

Guttering job process

  • First one of our fully trade qualified gutter fixers will attend your property to meet you and discuss the concerns you have with your gutters.  Within this visit, our objective will be to thoroughly investigate the issues you have, clearly identify the causes and provide a detailed and appropriate solution to your individual requirements.
  • If you wish to proceed with the estimate, our safety rail system is installed to ensure that our men will be safely operating on the roof and insure that all WHS laws and legislations are adhered to regimentally.
  • Once work begins, our first step is to safely remove the existing gutters.  All procedures implemented by our staff are proven and tested methods of safely and efficiently removing your gutters.
  • We then install your new gutter.  For larger houses, generally we do not remove the entire gutter of the property.  We will re-gutter your home in stages ensuring that at the end of each day you have your entire gutter system functioning by either old or new gutter to make sure you do not get internal damage in the event it rains or storms overnight.
  • Once all works are completed, a thorough site clean is conducted and all nails, screws and left over materials are removed from site and the safety rail/edge protection is generally removed within a few days of the job being completed.
  • After clean up, one of our production supervisors personally inspects the job to quality control the project and again ensure that you have received the best possible gutter for your investment.

Quad Gutter


As far as draining the rainwater, Quad gutter provides the best choice. Designed in a traditional way, these gutter match with both new homes and fix perfectly with old gutters. This is the gutter we recommend highly for replacement.

  • Fixes perfectly with the classic Australian building style
  • As it is manufactured using COLORBOND or ZINCALUME, it has a very strong characteristic, yet light and high tensile. It also has about 4 times the life of a normal galvanised gutter.
  • Available in steel colours in the COLOURBOND material.
  • Complete accessories are provided with the product.

Square Gutter


The gutter manufactured by Square is economical. It is made of high tensile steel and yet lightweight. This is available in long lengths, which helps in installing the gutter easily and quickly. They also have optional components and slotting, which will give it a very clean and smooth finish. Precisely, it is one of the most flexible gutter systems available.

  • At the fixing is concealed it provides a neat look.
  • It provides the excellent durability and longer shelf life
  • As it is manufactured using COLORBOND or ZINCALUME, it has a very strong characteristic yet light and high tensile. It also has about 4 times the life of a normal galvanised gutter.
  • It also comes with an optional slotting to drain out of excess or heavy rain during the rainy season

Metal Roof Battens

JD Roofing source metal roof battens from Sramit, who provide quality products with a proven record for manufacture and supply. Metal roof battens are made from high tensile steel for high strength and low weight.

Stramit Roof Battens have been developed specifically for domestic applications but may be used in small commercial structures as well, with Stramit Cyclonic Roof Battens having enhanced performance to endure the repeated loadings that can be experienced in tropical cyclones. Stramit Ceiling Battensare intended for use with plasterboard sheeting in both domestic and commercial situations.

Gutter Guard

JD Roofing utilise Australia’s leading brand of gutter guard protection. The product is made from a long lasting, fire rated aluminium mesh that will outlast other materials when installed on Colorbond zincalume and aluminium gutters. The system is a logical approach to practical protection of gutters and valleys. It works by attaching one end of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other end passes over the top of the metal roof sheets attached with purpose manufactured clips that hold the mesh down at the roof end and valleys. The product achieves three things.

  1. Keep leaves and pests out of your gutters and valleys.
  2. Allow water in.
  3. Increase the chance of leaves coming off (reduces maintenance).