Anti-Con Blanket

Considering a new metal roof?  Consider Anti-Con blanket as a perfect option to compliment your new roof.  Anti-Con blanket, foil reflective insulation is the perfect insulator and moisture barrier for a metal roof.  Sandwiching between the battens and sheeting, this insulation works as a proper barrier insulation and reduces condensation that forms on the underside of your new metal roof.

Anti-Con insulation is available in various thicknesses and JD Roofing can assist in providing advice as to the best system to suit your individual needs.

Reflecta Cell Blanket

Reflecta-Cell is a versatile reflective Foil Insulation that comprising of two reinforced foil laminate external foil surfaces, with a centre core of bubble. The upper foil surface being treated with Reflecta-Coat™ anti-glare non-corrosive/non-oxidisation additive and non-slip protective coating membrane. It is a safe & healthy comfort for your home and Reflecta-Cell works so well by creating highly reflective airspaces in your home’s roof, walls and floors.

It is clean and easy to install in buildings under construction or in your existing home. It’s like an umbrella against solar radiation and protects your home/living environment from the harsh weather conditions of both the summer and winter.

Clean, safe, and easy to install, Reflecta-Cell also offers the added advantage (unlike bulk fibre products) of being easily lifted for access by home service or tradespeople such as pest inspectors, plumbers or electricians.

Reflecta-Cell is lightweight and simple to use, installation in new homes is relatively easy. Reflecta-Cell can be applied to the frame before the walls go up, creating a sealed environment so internal trades can start work earlier.

The builders’ favourite choice, a true All-Rounder that offers high performance combined with being light and easy to use. Only 5.7mm thick, Reflecta-Cell Reflective Foil Insulation is popular with all types of Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction for use in roofs, floors and walls.

  • Unique patented protective durable polymer coating that guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion for 15 years
  • Heat laminated, air bubble core providing an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapour penetration
  • Two outer layers of 99%+ pure aluminium foil (with reinforced weave/scrim on both sides)
  • Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
  • Excellent fire properties
  • Excellent acoustic insulating properties
  • Environmentally/Eco friendly and fibre-free
  • Fall-arrest properties (able to support two tonnes for every metre attached)
  • Anti-slip properties make it safer for installers
  • Compliance with the latest insulation standards
  • 1500mm wide means it’s 10-20% wider than most insulation products

Reflecta-Cell® Insulation is a product you can have absolute confidence in. This leading edge eco-product will ensure your project’s sustained comfort and performance like no other product in Australia.

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