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JD Roofing proudly support local suppliers Parnell’s Metal Industries and Stramit for our roofing materials.

If Bluescope products are required for high marine conditions or large scale commercial works JD Roofing can source these for you.

Below is a guide to help you make the right choices when ordering roofing materials to ensure you select the product that suits your requirements.


Unicote Roofing Products


JD Roofing use Parnell’s to supply our Unicote line of materials.

Basic CMYK




A corrugated profile, CUSTOM ORB comes light weight, yet durable and strong. It is also very economical. Custom orb is available in long lengths and this is an advantage as they can be fitted easily without much overlapping. They are easy to align and provide an excellent look once finished.

  • It is widely used in both wall applications as well as roofing
  • Available in steel colours in the COLOURBOND materials or Parnell’s Unicoat
  • It comes at a length of 24 m and hence can be used without expansion joints
  • It has a width of 762 mm, making it completely durable
  • The roofing can be done flat or it can be curved to provide flexibility

NB: Not suitable under a 5 degree pitch



A subtle square fluted steel cladding is manufactured (Parnell’s PRODECK), which comes handy because it has a very long length and it could be used right from the start to the edge without any laps. Though it is lightweight, the strength of steel very strong and also has an appreciably strong spanning capacity.

This is the ideal choice of many contractors who are working on contemporary style homes, but with an economic budget. This is also used in commercial and industrial applications.

  • It is widely used in both the wall applications as well as roofing
  • Available in steel colours in the COLOURBOND material
  • It has a width of 762 mm, making it completely durable

NB: Can be used to a 2 DEGREES PITCH


Colorbond Products


JD Roofing use Stramit to supply our Colorbond and Delta line of materials.




Manufactured as a concealed fixed cladding with a wide cover KLIP-LOK 700 offers long spans and appreciably good uplift performance. The micro-cross fluting that comes with flat pans and bold rep provides excellent strength and even works on low pitched roofs. As it is available on a roll machine (Mobile) this allows onsite rolling to get full length without any transportation limitation

  • The sheets do not get punctured while fixing clips safely secure the sheet
  • It could be laid down smoothly with the excellent water tightness
  • It has a 700 mm cover width
  • It could be used to as an over insulation on an excising installation of about 100 mm thickness
  • Hex head screws are used to fix the clips
  • As it is done with a transverse fluting it has a longer life span

NB: Not suitable under a 1 degree pitch



Spandek is a contemporary looking, trapezoidal profile which is ideal where a stronger, bolder, more modern corrugated appearance is required. It combines strength with lightness, rigidity and economy.

  • Can be used for both roofing and walling applications
  • Available in a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours
  • Allows wide support spacings

NB: May be used on roof pitches from as low as 2 degrees


The COLORBOND steel Ultra steel range for Roofing, Walling, Gutters, Downpipe and Fascia is especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments.


Colorbond Colours

Whether your home is classic or contemporary, Colorbond steel gives you the ability to create the right colour scheme for your home. View our colour charts to help you choose the perfect colour for your roofing project.