Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard

The LEAF STOPPER® system is a logical approach to practical protection of gutters and valleys. It works by attaching one end of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other end passes over the first row of tiles and under the second row. This creates a slope which allows leaves to blow off. In the case of metal roofs, purpose manufactured clips hold the mesh down at the roof end and valleys.

JD Roofing Leafstopper image 1

The advantage of the Leaf Stopper® system is that not only does it protect the gutters, but it prevents leaves and pests entering the valley. Many gutter guard systems sound credible when discussing the gutter, but fail to mention how they plan to protect your valleys. It is well known that leaves will accumulate in the corner valleys of the roof and then make their way down to the gutter. Leaf Stopper® prevents this from happening.

The Leaf stopper tried and tested aperture of 4mmx4mm is ideal for getting a balance between keeping leaves out and the water in. Products that have smaller holes can cause the water the flow over the top and prevent adequate collection of this precious resource.

An additional benefit of Leaf Stopper® is that water starts entering the gutter guard at the vey edge, giving water a chance to enter the mesh and make its way to the gutter

The more work that Mother Nature can do, the less there is for you to do. Leaves will dry over time and when the wind arrives, they have a greater chance of blowing off. It is a fact that the greater the incline, the more chance the leaves have of coming off by themselves. This is very difficult to achieve with some systems that are inserted into the gutter.

Leaf Stopper is the only Australian gutter guard product to use Trimets®. A new invention and patented fixing system using a tongue & slot joiner to ensure your work is easier when working off a ladder or off the roof. The holes are pre-drilled at 250mm intervals meaning your Leaf Stopper mesh will be fitted more firmly.

High Quality Aluminium

Certified powder coating

Mechanical fixings that are screwed into position not just glued

15 Year guarantee.