Delta Span Roofing Panels

JD Roofing is your trusted local supplier of Delta Span roofing systems. If you are considering an extension to your outdoor area, a new patio, outdoor entertainment area or pool Gazebo then look no further than Delta Span. We can supply the panels for self-installation or complete the whole project from start to finish, the choice if yours.

Delta Panels North Queensland

DeltaSpan™ is an insulated roofing system comprising of factory bonded, cut to length pre-painted steel skins (top and bottom) encompassing an insulating core in one complete panel. The top skin is available in a large range of modern contemporary colours and the profiled roof sheets are available in one of two profiles (DeltaTrim™ or DeltaOrb™) allowing for seamless extensions to existing roof lines.

The core is profile cut to match the top skin type and is available in a variety of thicknesses and the expanded polystyrene core (EPS) offers excellent insulating properties.

The bottom skin is a flat (small surface face profiles also available) with an interlocking edge male/ female joint (DeltaLock™) providing a smooth clean surface finish.

DeltaSpan™ is a strong composite panel with a low relative weight resulting in excellent spanning (over 7.0m clear span) and superior thermal properties and comes in 1000 mm wide modules.

As an added bonus for entertainment spaces DeltaSpan™ has an inbuilt service track so no visible cabling.


Why Use Delta Span?

DeltaSpan is a single product providing roof cladding, insulation and a clean ceiling finish with long spanning capability and offers a seamless match to existing roof profiles and colours.

Delta Span has conducted Hi/Low Cyclonic testing to ensure a quality product under Engineer’s supervision and is built with BlueScope™ steel. Offering a 10 year written warranty, and superior thermal performance, blocking the heat for a cooler environment for entertaining and relaxation, Delta Span is the highest selling thermal insulated roofing panel in Australia.

Cost effective, long lasting easy to clean smooth surfaces that do not require painting coupled with a water tight joining system, fewer posts allowing more open space and clean smooth panels means fewer hiding spaces for insects and spiders.

Available in ribbed (DeltaTrim) and corrugated (Delta Orb) profile we offer full installation and accessory kits in matching colours or we can supply and install your new dream space.

Full Engineering Span Tables including post, beam and footing tables available (Full Engineering) and a variety of thickness sizes available (refer to data sheets for more details).


Delta Trim Profile

Delta Trim Specs Photo

DeltaTrim™  has been designed and engineered to deliver the following features that offer superior performance and benefits compared to any other similar products including;

• Stronger panel due to high peak height than other insulated panel systems
• Longer spans due to high peak height (up to 7.5m)
• Better water runoff at lower roof pitch angles possible due to high peak height
• Larger top sheet radii in corners resulting in better cyclic performance
• Fully filled roof peaks to reduce condensation and corrosion
• Angled cable duct so electrical cable stays in place during installation
• Full range of colours surpassing other suppliers


Delta Orb Profile

Delta Orb Image specs

DeltaOrb™ is a modern building panel incorporating advanced production techniques that delivers an insulated building material that has these built-in range of benefits;

• Seamless matching of existing roof profiles
• An extensive range of contemporary colours
• It maintains the traditional character of Australian roofing
• Largest selling insulated roofing panel.
• Incorporating modern engineering to achieve enhanced spans and strength
• High thermal properties to maintain year-round comfort
• Highly suited to the modern Australian home

Please visit the Delta Panels website for more product information and data sheets.

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